After Sale Services

Instructions on how to provide a warranty

This instruction is prepared and presented in order to improve the quality of after-sales services and the satisfaction of respected customers; Therefore, the warranty of the products of Dorna Battery Ares Company requires a careful study of this instruction and compliance with the items mentioned in it is necessary to accept the warranty. Considering that the failure of the battery depends on many factors and variables, and part of it is caused by production defects despite the use of expert staff and modern quality control equipment, therefore the battery warranty only includes defects caused by production defects and in Other items are not guaranteed The after-sales service of Dorna Battery Aras Company gives you the assurance that in case of any problems and defects in its products, it is responsible and is ready to respond to customers as soon as possible. It is hoped that you will help us in the direction of developing and improving the quality of after-sales services and increasing the satisfaction of customers, through the transmission of your suggestions and criticisms.

Steps to provide after-sales service

documents control

The card must be healthy and free of scratches.

The serial number on the card must match the serial number engraved on the battery.

The information mentioned in the warranty card must be completely completed.

The seal of the store on the warranty card is necessary.

Items that do not include warranty

Non-compliance of the battery capacity with the actual power consumption required by the car, installing additional and non-standard electrical equipment on the car.

Deformation or breakage of the battery door and body and the opening of the sealed battery door

Fire due to defects in the car’s electrical system or other accidents Damage scratches melting of battery poles for any reason

Overcharging due to improper operation of the car’s alternator Voltage drop due to high maintenance of the battery,

long-term non-use or improper operation of the dynamo and sulfation of the battery plates.

Lowering of the electrolyte level in non-shielded batteries

Addition of acid as well as unauthorized additives

and electrolyte Color change of electrolyte in all non-shielded battery cells

Dry battery shield Battery

polarity reversal Battery

eye manipulation

Inspection and technical testing of the battery

In order to use the warranty, the battery must be installed on the car and the car’s electrical system must be completely checked. Then all the items mentioned in paragraph 2 should be checked and if confirmed, the open circuit voltage of the battery and the imaginary capacity of the battery should be checked through the battery testing device.

The battery capacity should be proportional to the actual power consumption required by the car, and additional and non-standard electrical equipment should not be installed on the car.

Confirmation of leakage from the battery filter can be confirmed for a maximum of 3 months if the car’s electricity (dynamos, alternators, etc.) is healthy.

The visible signs of an overcharged battery after checking the car’s alternator are as mentioned below, and if you see the mentioned items, the battery is not included in the warranty:

1) The electrolyte level of the battery is low and the eye of the battery is white.

2) The voltage of the opened battery from the car should be 13 volts or higher after two hours in open circuit mode.

3) The battery body is swollen (due to the falling of the plates)

4) Acid density 1.300 g/cm3 in all non-shielded battery cells

Sulfation of battery plates

If the open circuit voltage of the battery is 8 volts or less and the battery eye is black, the battery is deeply discharged and its plates are sulfated, and it is not included in the warranty.

Explosive batteries are included in the warranty if the battery poles are healthy and the open circuit voltage is below 13 volts and there are no signs of breakage in the battery body, but the battery cover and serial number must be available.

Replace defective battery

After checking the battery documents and technical test of the battery, if the battery includes a warranty, replace it.

Completion of warranty documents For battery warranty,

a replacement warranty card should be attached to the defective battery card and sent to the company along with the defective battery

It is possible to extend the warranty only once and up to 6 months before the end of the warranty date of the original battery, and if the warranty is extended, the serial number of the replacement battery is written on the defective battery card and then a copy is taken from it, the copy of the defective card along with the original The replacement card is sent to the company and the defective battery card is given to the customer, and the new battery has a warranty until the end of the defective battery’s warranty.

Send the defective battery to the company

Dear representatives, every month, send the list of guaranteed batteries in the raw form sent in the attachment via WhatsApp Telegram to the number 09148841457.

Respected representatives must, after completing the warranty procedures, once a month after coordinating with the after-sales service center and taking turns to send the returned batteries along with other documents with a reliable vehicle and with an official bill of lading to the after-sales service office of Dorna Battery Company. (The sender and carrier are responsible for the loss or breakage of the batteries sent). It is obvious that the batteries returned by the after-sales service centers will be tested and technically inspected in the test hall of the after-sales service center, and if approved, they will be entered into the customer’s credit account.

The return (carrying) of returned batteries to Dorna Aras Battery requires prior coordination with the company’s after-sales service officials, and otherwise, the company’s after-sales service center has no obligation to receive the returned batteries, and the cost will be incurred. Returning such batteries is the responsibility of the sender.