Dourna Battery Group under the executive management of Engineer Saeed Sedighi Bonab with 100% private investment was established in phase 2 of Aras Free Zone by assembling all kinds of car batteries and in a short period of time, it was able to create suitable infrastructures with documented plans, and benefit Using modern knowledge and experienced and committed human resources, to launch quality products on the world market level. With regular and conscious planning and with the support of the efforts and unanimity of the executive management and colleagues, this group was able to go through its development process in a fast time and in order to produce all the internal parts of the battery, it opened its second factory in the town of Ayatollah Rafsanjani in Sofian Rah. launch By completing the first phase of its development in Ayatollah Rafsanjani town, Dorna Battery was able to move all its production lines to this town in 1402, while increasing 9000 meters of modern industrial indoor space. This collection of car batteries (35 to 230 amperes) with Dorna, Ares, Pushita, Noble, E Plus brands and using the latest fully automatic equipment and devices with European standards, which plays a key role in supplying the required batteries. It has country and regional markets. As always, Dorna Battery is trying to conquer the peaks of success one after another by relying on the experience and expertise of its management and committed personnel, and by producing quality products, the name of Iran and Iranians will be more prominent in the world markets.